Greenhouse Update: Veggies Extravaganza & Bountiful Blooms

Greenhouse Update: Veggies Extravaganza & Bountiful Blooms

Greenhouse Update: Veggies Extravaganza & Bountiful Blooms

February 14, 2024

In the Greenhouse: The greenhouse is a nice place to be on these cold days. We’ve ordered our veggie seeds for our gardens and yours as well as seeds and bulbs for our cut flower garden. Our cut flower garden is going to be amazing this year.

Following is a list of what we’ve got, some great stuff including all the staples plus some new things we haven’t tried before including strawberries as well as some different flowers, lots of heirloom tomatoes, squashes, cukes, etc, etc.

Please let us know if you have any special requests for your garden, things are selling out fast!

Other veggies include spinach, celery, lettuces and greens, watercress, sorrel, beans, peas, turnips, radishes, fennel, gourds. Also lots of herbs – different types of basil, parsley, oregano, lemon grass, sage.

Not to mention the cut garden seeds and bulbs- lots of dahlias, zinnias, echinacea, snapdragons, strawflower, Lisianthus, sunflowers, scabiosa, asters, calendula, Gomphrena, marigolds, perennials like Hostas and astilbe, etc, etc.

The tropicals are doing well, I will start fertilizing some things next month.  The lime is blooming right now and it smells amazing!


I harvested a whole bunch of lemons and oranges last week and we’ve been dividing and repotting things as needed.

Soon, we’ll be gearing up for the coming season, taking inventory on tools and supplies and making repairs and improvements at the shop and in the greenhouse.  We will also be implementing some new systems in the office in order to better serve you, our customers. This will include a new note taking system for our gardening crews that will be used to share notes on tasks that were performed as well as to-do lists for future visits. I think we will also be able to share these notes with you so that you will be better informed on what we did during our visit to your property as well as what is planned for next time.

We have a great crew coming back for next season including all of the familiar faces and while we know it’s a while off we are looking forward to Spring!

Ready to kickstart your garden with some fresh veggies and vibrant blooms? Contact us today to discuss your gardening needs. Let’s grow together!