Sophisticated Landscape Design Services in North Andover, MA

North Andover, MA, perfectly encapsulates the hustle and bustle of Boston while still maintaining a quiet, suburban feel. The area is home to countless outdoor spaces where residents can quickly get their nature fix. From the Merrimack Valley to Lake Cochichewick, there’s never a shortage of places to go when you crave the outdoors. 

Our landscape design experts at Samantha’s Garden strive to bring the natural landscape into the gardens we design for our clients. When you work with us, we take the time to get to know what you’re looking for in a garden. We’ll learn about what gardens inspire you, incorporating subtle details into your outdoor space. 

We offer comprehensive landscape design in North Andover, MA, that brings your dream garden to life. No matter what you envision for your outdoor space, our team of designers can help you accomplish it. 

Bring Joy to Your Life With a Well-Designed Garden

Your garden should be an extension of your living space. Whether you head to your garden for your morning coffee or listen to the birds tweeting, your outdoor space should encapsulate your style. 

Samantha’s Gardens offers a wide range of gardening and landscaping designs in North Andover, MA, to fit your needs.

Garden and Landscape Design Services

Our designers provide innovative design services to fulfill your outdoor needs. Some of the areas we cover with our services include:

  • Master planning
  • Site design
  • Planting
  • Lighting design
  • Construction elements

Landscape Construction

No matter the condition or layout of your current garden, we can get it where it needs to be with our landscape construction services. We provide the following things:

  • Grading and site work
  • Patios and walkways
  • Retaining walls
  • Stonework
  • And more!

Garden Maintenance

Our landscapers will nurture your garden to ensure it looks beautiful all year. We start each year by cleaning up your garden. We’ll then plant new flowers, greenery, and vegetables to ensure your garden is bountiful for the spring season. 

We’ll also look for invasive insects or diseases, stopping issues before they occur. Our landscapers will also prep your garden for the colder months.

Seasonal Gardening and Containers

Our color tea will choose plants and flowers that perfectly portray each season. We’ll ensure we plant the right items that thrive in the selected season.

Holiday Décor

We love incorporating holiday items that add a touch of whimsy to your garden. Toward the end of the year, we’ll add iconic fall items, such as pumpkins and gourds. We’ll bring the holidays to life with trees, garland, bows, and wreaths.

Event Prep

Our event prep team will get your garden ready for an upcoming wedding, party, or another type of event you’re hosting. Greet your guests in a beautiful, overflowing garden.

Add Elegance to Your Yard With Samantha’s Gardens

If you’ve been searching for “landscape designers near me,” look no further than Samantha’s Gardens. Our high-end landscape design services in North Andover, MA, will transform your outdoor space into an elegant and luxurious oasis.