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We Can Turn Any Outdoor Space Into the Garden You Envision

Expertly curated shrubs, flowers, plants, and trees are essential to bringing your garden to life. However, you need carefully planned and installed hardscape elements to create the living space you want to achieve. 

Landscaping does more than add value to your home. It enhances your outdoor space, adding interest and creating your desired environment. 

At Samantha’s Gardens, our landscape design and construction services are one of the essential building blocks to creating the garden you envision. Our exceptional landscape enhancement services are extensive. We want to give you the luxury landscape that is second to none. 

Our team and our trusted network of landscaping construction experts will provide you with the expertise to create your outdoor space. From excavation to carpentry, we’ve got you covered and you’ll have one point of contact for the whole project. 

Contact us today to learn more about why we’re the leading landscape design and construction company in the greater Boston area. 

Transform Your Garden With Landscape Enhancement Services

Our team at Samantha’s Gardens has experience working on various landscaping projects of different sizes and complexity. Our landscape design experts will work closely with you during the design process. We’ll ensure that our design reflects what you’re envisioning. 

Our landscape design services include custom paver patios, masonry, driveways, and paths. We can create any outdoor space that you’re looking for. 

We can also build outdoor structures, like decks, arbors, and pergolas. Our landscape contractors have experience building outdoor kitchens, dining areas, and party spaces. 

If you want to include custom water features, no problem. In your garden design, we can include ponds, fire pits, and waterfalls.

How Our Process Works

Step One:

Schedule a Consultation

Contact us through our online Project Inquiry form to schedule a garden enhancement consultation.

Step Two:

Design Plan Creation

We’ll create a design plan based on your current outdoor space and vision.

Step Three:


Our landscape enhancement team will work diligently to ensure the landscaping portion of your project has minimal impact on your daily life.

Why Choose Samantha’s Gardens for Landscape Construction

At Samantha’s Gardens, we believe that everyone deserves to have a beautifully designed garden. You can transform your home and mindset with a gorgeously maintained outdoor space. 

We strive to elevate our clients’ lives through their outdoor spaces. Your garden should be an extension of your home. You should put as much care and consideration into it as you do the interior of your home. 

Our landscape enhancers are available to bring your dream garden to life. Whether you want a whimsical space, a classic English tea garden or something more modern, we’re here to help. 

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

“Samantha really becomes an artist with the canvas that she has.”
– Alex G.

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