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Landscape Design Services Near Me

Your garden is a part of your home often overlooked. It is a place that should instill peace and tranquility, reflecting your unique style and vision. No need to search for landscape designers near me. Samantha’s Gardens can help transform your backyard into a beautifully designed and well-maintained garden of paradise you can escape to.

Our Services

Samantha’s Gardens offers a wide range of quality landscape design services!

Garden and Landscape Design 

From small courtyards to large estates, we take on landscaping projects big and small. Our goal is to transform your garden area into a place of true beauty. We work with you to either bring your vision to life or we can design something breathtaking for you with retaining walls, walkways, water features, planters, shrubs, trees, vines, ornamental grasses, ground coverings, perennials, and more.

Landscape Construction

Our professional craftsmen are experts in softscape and hardscape landscaping construction. We can strategically add depth to your outdoor space. We can complete landscape enhancements such as planting, sodding, hardscapes, crafting gorgeous patios, and more to create a visually appealing garden and enhance your curb appeal. 

Garden Maintenance

Let us help keep your garden looking spectacular with unsurpassed quality garden maintenance and landscaping in North Reading. Not only do we design and build your beautiful garden space, but we also ensure it stays healthy and harmonious with a plan tailored to your needs. This may include any or all of the following:

Flower bed maintenance, Weeding, Deadheading, Edging, Pruning, Seeding,
Planting, Perennial Division, 
And more to enhance the beauty of your garden

Seasonal Gardening & Containers

We offer seasonal beds or container arrangements to keep up with the seasons. Container gardening is great for those with less space or living in urban areas where an actual garden is unrealistic. We fill your empty beds or containers with begonias, petunias, or whatever your heart desires for a colorful seasonal display.

Event Prep

Planning an outdoor event in your garden? We can help with professional event planning landscaping in North Reading, for any occasion. Our event prep specialists will scan the property for opportunities to enhance your landscape with annuals, seasonal containers, pergolas and other elements for your picture perfect event.

Holiday Décor

Make your home and garden look festive with Samantha’s Gardens expert holiday décor. From unique wreath designs to stunning entryways, we will help bring out the holiday spirit. We offer complete holiday decorating for your home and outdoor garden with fully decorated Christmas trees, tree lighting, wreaths, holiday arrangements and containers, hand-selected ornaments, and more to set the mood for any holiday event.


Imagine having visually appealing outdoor surroundings right in your own backyard, offsetting your home decor. A place where you can be proud to entertain guests or just go to be alone and clear your head. We can make that happen. We work with you to balance your functional and aesthetic needs without going over your budget.

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Samantha’s Gardens is an award-winning, woman-owned, and operated full-service landscaping and garden design company near Reading, MA. Experience the great outdoors, connect with nature, and improve your quality of life right from your own backyard with our expert design and landscaping services.

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