Landscape Maintenance Services North of Boston

Never worry about your landscape or garden.

Getting to know and caring for our clients and their properties year after year is what we truly enjoy the most. Samantha’s Gardens provides hassle-free, full-service landscape and garden care. We’re always there when your garden needs us.

Happy Client

It’s full service, which I love. If I don’t want to, I don’t have to think about what needs doing in the yard or the garden at any given time. They’re already there doing it.” – Emma C.

Why is Landscape Maintenance
So Important?

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your garden be. Even after building and planting, it can often take 2-3 years for your garden to reach its full potential as the plants establish themselves on your property. Properly caring for and maintaining your garden investment is an often overlooked, but critical part of the process to achieving the garden of your dreams and ensuring it looks good all year, year after year.

We become your point person, your lifeline to an expert. Not just experts in our field, but experts on your property, on your history, and on your tastes and preferences.

“If I call or text them with a question or concern, they’re right here. I never have to worry.” – Cynthia S.

“We travel quite a lot and it’s great just to know that, even if I’m not there, if there’s an issue with the irrigation system or whatever that they’ll come and take care of it.” -Emma C.

“I never have to chase after them. I actually think that if I didn’t say anything, they’d be there anyway, because they take pride in their work and they won’t let their plants go or look bad because it represents their work.” – Alex G.

What’s Included in Our Annual Garden Maintenance
and Plant Health Care Program

Full-service garden maintenance and plant health care to keep your home looking beautiful throughout the seasons.

1. Spring Clean-Up

Our maintenance program starts in the spring with a comprehensive spring clean-up. We rake and prune winter damage, weed, edge, fertilize and mulch the garden beds and tree rings. Crowded plants are divided, vegetable gardens are turned and composted, and seeds are sown. We set up, clean and repair trellises, supports and containers. We will even stack wood to get ready for your outdoor fireside engagements.

2. Weekly & Bi-Weekly Maintenance

As the growing season continues, plants require staking, deadheading, pinching, pruning and shaping. Our weekly and bi-weekly maintenance programs include not only tending to the perennials, annuals, vegetables, shrubs, and trees, but to the living areas as well. Porches, terraces, patios and walkways are kept tidy. Containers are kept cleaned, watered, fed and looking their best.

3. Plant Health Care

During our regular visits, we scout for insects and disease to catch potential problems at an early stage. Our Plant Health Care (PHC) team is equipped to handle anything that may arise as well as perform scheduled seasonal treatments. PHC programs are designed specifically for each individual property’s needs.

4. Fall Clean-Up

The season closes with the fall clean-up. We remove leaves and annuals and cut back any perennials that do not provide winter interest. We attend to plants that need mulch, protection or support for the winter and patio furniture, hoses and containers are stored.

5. Optional Enhancements & Care

Our Garden Maintenance customers also have the opportunity to work with us to design seasonal container plantings for their front entrance or living areas, seasonal color installations in their garden beds and other enhancement projects to keep their property bursting with color throughout the year.

Lawn Care & Mowing

Though Samantha’s Gardens is not a mow, blow, and go company, we will mow lawns for clients that need mowing, and we’ll do it on your schedule – so you’re not having to wait on a mowing company’s schedule, deal with mowing companies that don’t cut a nice edge, or that leave a bigger mess than when they came. We’ll be your one point of contact on all of your landscape maintenance needs, including caring for your lawn.

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