Happy New Year!!!

February 16, 2024

We’re kicking off the new year with a big burst of excitement here at Samantha’s Gardens! With the gardening season just around the corner, we’re all abuzz like busy bees, getting everything prepped and primed for some serious green-thumb action.

Laurel’s been working her magic in the greenhouse, tending to our tropical and citrus trees, and gearing up for the big veggie seed planting extravaganza. Meanwhile, Vlasta’s been hard at work tidying up our client folders and making space for all the wonderful new clients who’ve been patiently waiting to join our gardening family. We’ve even made a little pact among ourselves that this year is going to be stellar!


Reflecting on Loss, Growth, and New Beginnings

The past couple of years have thrown us some curveballs, with losses on both Vlasta’s and my sides of the family, including our dear bookkeeper, Teri. Not a day goes by without us thinking of her – especially as tax season rolls around and I can practically hear her gentle scolding for buying that new truck (which, let’s be honest, we totally needed). But with Tonya stepping in and doing an absolutely stellar job, along with the support of our fantastic accountant, Joe, things are looking brighter already.

Taking Our Cut Flower Garden to New Heights

I’ve made it my New Year’s resolution to take our cut flower garden to the next level, adding in even more fun and fabulous blooms. We’re even having Nolan and Chris from Grade build us a brand spanking new Cut Flower Hut, where we’ll be showcasing and selling all our gorgeous cut flowers and even some veggie plants that Laurel will be nurturing.

Our Flower Hut operates on the honor system, and it’s been an absolute hit with our Andover community. Folks love the beauty of our roadside garden and the freedom to pick their own bouquets whenever they please. There’s something truly magical about seeing folks out there with scissors, crafting their floral masterpieces.


Hoping for a Spot at the Andover Farmer’s Market

We’re crossing our fingers for the chance to bring our plant babies and flowers to the Andover Farmers Market this year. Despite not having confirmation yet, we’re optimistic after the success of our wreath decorating workshop at Andover’s Holiday Market. My daughter Mary, along with SG team members Cailey and Alex, loaded up Rosie, our 1947 Dodge pickup with all the wreaths, decorations and ribbon.
They had an absolute blast spreading festive cheer. The vibrant community vibe was sensational, and we’re eagerly awaiting the opportunity to be part of it again. Stay tuned for updates!

We would love to offer not only our veggie plants and cut flowers but we also have big plans to host Garden Talks at the Flower Hut, where folks can stop by, ask questions, and even grab one of our educational coloring books for the kiddos. We’re passionate about spreading the joy of gardening and helping families and kids grow their own veggies. We want to continue our Garden-to-table campaign by helping to build as many vegetable gardens for families and kids as we possibly can.

Step into Our Greenhouse Wonderland

Speaking of vegetable gardens, Laurel has already compiled a fantastic list of veggie seeds for both our gardens and yours, that she’ll be starting in the greenhouse soon. This year’s lineup promises to be extraordinary, featuring old favorites and exciting newcomers like strawberries and heirloom tomatoes.  Check out the full list of offerings on our blog post and if there’s something you’re after that you don’t see, just give us a shout – we’ll do our best to track it down for you. Don’t delay. Things are selling out fast!!


Start Planning For Spring

The Fall and Winter months might be cold, and your garden dull, but now is the perfect time to start planning for those landscape projects you’ve been dreaming about. Once we’re finished with the last Fall cleanups, our efforts shift toward garden and landscape design. If you’re looking to make any changes to your landscape, reaching out to us in the Fall months ensures your landscape project can be installed the following year! We build our backlog for design work and Spring installations during these months, so plan to schedule a design consultation at your earliest convenience.


Let’s Rewind to Christmas

Wasn’t it just a magical time? We were overwhelmed by the 49 heartwarming photo entries we received for our Christmas contest. With each one sweeter than the last, selecting the winners was no easy task. There were so many enchanting moments from our Christmas Shoppe this past year that we’ve put together a full recap.  


As we eagerly await the arrival of spring, we can’t wait to see you all again – whether it’s at your property, the Flower Hut, or (fingers crossed) the farmers market. Here’s to a bloomin’ marvelous year ahead!

Garden Blessings,
Samantha, Vlasta, and the incredible team at Samantha’s Gardens