I know, two newsletters back to back! I am starting to feel like myself again after a busy season and the loss of my wonderfully amazing Mother, Hope. This was a tough one for me and my kids. But with the colors of fall and the aroma of the rapidly approaching Holiday season, I am rolling up my sleeves and finishing up the growing season strong.

Spring Plans? Don’t miss out. Get scheduled now.

We’re already scheduling design meetings to get your plans on the drawing table this winter so they are ready for spring installation.

If you’re not already on our holiday decorating schedule, please reach out!

Here’s what we’ve got going for you:

We’ll be taking advantage of the weather by putting up holiday lights, which can be turned on when you’re ready.

And not only holiday lights, but all of your exterior holiday decorations, including your holiday-ready containers brimming with wintergreens, berries, and whatever fun additions our design crew plans, along with lush garland wrapping your doorways and railings, wreaths perfectly placed on your doors and windows.

We can even bring in your tree and set it up after you’ve chosen it from our magical tree lot, where you can also enjoy a cup of hot cocoa.

If you’re hosting a party, we’ve got you covered with festive interior decorations. We can decorate your tree, for those on a tight schedule, and we can also adorn mantels, staircases, and create arrangements and poinsettias to spread the cheer throughout your home.

Now, let’s chat about our tree lot and Christmas Shoppe.

I’ve had some time today not only to write this letter but also to schedule our workshops. Be sure to check out our calendar for our hugely popular wreath and centerpiece making workshops. This year, we’re adding fun and beautiful gift wrapping and boxwood tree making to the mix.

Samanthas Gardens Holiday Shoppe

Christmas Shoppe Schedule

Last year’s workshops were a blast, with every session filled to the brim, and even some last-minute party crashers joined in, making it even more enjoyable. We all gathered around the table, working like Santa’s little helpers on our projects, sipping hot cocoa, and perhaps spiking it just a tad while jamming out to our favorite Christmas tunes.

We’re also planning workshops for kids, preteens, and beyond to keep everyone involved in celebrating the holiday season.

And don’t forget, Santa is scheduled to drop in for a visit. He’s even considering a special day for photos and visits with all the good four-legged family members, so stay tuned for that date too.

Maybe we should even host a workshop on making puppy paw print ornaments for the tree? That sounds like a fun and memorable time. What do you think?

If anyone has other fun ideas, I’d love to hear them.

I’d like to conclude this message with many thanks to all our amazing clients. I can’t wait to see everyone and their families for the holidays, enjoying Christmas music, sipping hot cocoa, and toasting marshmallows around the fire pit. Let’s make that sitting area bigger than ever.

Yours Truly,